I love this program, it has saved me so much time after dealing with my fathers photo collection of over 60 years worth. It is so simple and quick. Thank you so much. – Tracey McCormick

Your software tool is OUTSTANDING! I’ve used it for synchronizing 2 or more cameras from common events and it works perfectly. It’s great for renaming pictures to new file names as well. Thank you for making a very useful tool with so much flexibility and options. – David Lum

We had a holiday tour with friends and 3 cameras. Some weeks later at home, when we want to bring all the pictures together for making a slide show we see that all 3 cameras had different dates and times. Only one camera had the correct date and time. With EXIF Date Changer we solved our problem easy, quick and correct. Without your program we had to handle single every photo of more than 1000 photos. Once again, we all thank you very much. – Reinhard – Germany

My Canon needed to go to the repair shop and when it was returned had been set to the wrong year by 8 and I didn’t notice! Your EXIF Date Changer was perfect to correct the files. It was easy to use, intuitive in design and function, documented well, fast on my Win 7 system and, best, it completely fixed my mistake. – Bill Koch

Thanks for one of the most useful piece of software for families with multiple cameras. They’re never in sync date wise even though I say I’m going to do it before every holiday. Thanks again for a most useful piece of software. – Jeff Taylor

I was delighted to find your software after many hours of frustrating processing. I shoot with 2 cameras and all 6000 images were off by a few minutes. This software just saved the day again! Thanks! – Ken Clunk

Brilliant and easy to use. – Bertrand Menoud

This program saved me a ton of work. Thanks for creating this program & making it available!! I am using change date by 365 days because I set the year wrong on 4 months worth of pictures (about 1000 of them!) – Mathew

I’ve just starting using Exif Date Changer to sort out photos from a group holiday where everyone’s camera was set to a different time. A job that used to be a nightmare is now really easy. Thanks for a great utility. -Steve – UK

Fantastic tool !!! – Pedro – Portugal

It is exactly what I was looking for merging series of photos from different cameras with their clocks all set to different times. Thanks for this very helpful piece of software. -Tomi – Germany

Nice job! This was exactly what I was looking for. -Oscar

Nice and refreshing to find a simple little program that does what it says without a lot of nonsense. -MCD

I am SOOO excited to find this program. I have 40,134 photos in 794 folders which cover about 20 years of picture taking. Probably 2/3 of them have the wrong date/time on them. I can finally organize my photos in way that will allow me to put them by year, etc. I honestly don’t think I have ever been more excited about a new program. And it is SOOO easy to use. Thanks so much!” – Thomas – USA