Quickly and easily adjust the date/time taken on your photos and scanned images

Adjust or set the ‘date time taken’ of your digital photos with no loss in image quality

Compensate for incorrect camera settings or different time zones within seconds across an entire folder of images.

Adjust images based on camera date time, file created or modified dates or from text in the filename.

Process selected images or batch process entire folders of images

Quickly and easily select the required images by either selecting a folder or individual images.

Alternatively set the selected images by using Windows drag and drop to drop a folder or selected images directly onto EXIF Date Changer.

Add additional information to your photos

Include captions or titles (used by many programs such as Picasa, Adobe Lightroom), keywords, copyright and photo credit information to your images.

Rename photos based on photo date for easier sorting of your photos

Renaming all the images to include the date time taken within the filename makes it much easier to identify the image date without having to open the image properties, along with easier sorting on devices which don’t allow you to sort by image date time taken.

Allows customization of the output file name format. Eg. ‘TRAVEL_20061029_Australia.jpg’ instead of ‘2006-10-29 13-35-47 – Australia.jpg’

Add date taken information to scanned images or older photos

Add time taken to images without EXIF data. Eg. scanned photos, edited photos or photos taken on older cameras. Adding photo dates allows allows photo gallery software and windows to order or find your images by the date the photo was taken.

Set a starting photo to a specific date and then add additional time to each subsequent image.

How can EXIF Date Changer help me?

Digital cameras typically capture and store camera settings, scene details and the date and time a photo was taken as EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) data.  This metadata is securely stored within the image file and remains intact even when transferring or copying your photos to other devices.

Having access to this information can significantly enchance the way you organize and view your digital photos, whether on Windows, Facebook, Google Photos, or other photo gallery platforms.  These platforms leverage the EXIF data to sort and categorize your photos, making it easier for you to locate and view specific images.

The problem is, what happens if

Forgotten to update the date / time while traveling?

Batch adjust your dates by adding or subtracting a time difference to each photo to compensate for different timezones

Want to post a photo but don’t want to give away your location?

Many photos now include GPS co-ordinates.  Don’t get caught out sharing a photo along with location information which you wanted to keep private.

Prefer the date within the filename?

Not all software sorts by the image EXIF metadata so batch rename all your photos to also incude the date taken. eg. 2018-07-21 – Hawaii sunset.jpg

This is especially useful when using Windows Explorer to sort or manage your photos.

Replaced the battery only to later find out your dates are completely wrong?

The time information will still be there but will be offset by a fixed amount of time.  These can be corrected by adjusting the time by the correct number of days / hours / minutes and seconds.

Taken photos with multiple cameras only to discover the times are out of sync?

Identify the difference using photos taken from a similar time and then adjust one or both of the cameras photos so that your photos date and times are aligned.

Scanned your old images and want to add the photo dates?

Adding date times to your scanned images allows photo gallery software and windows to order or find your files by the date the photo was taken.

Watermark your JPG images

Add text directly onto your image such as image date time, file name or custom text

Filtering of images

Using filters allows you to separate out and exclude certain images from processing. Adjust images from a specific camera only to synchronize photos from multiple cameras, or only adjust photos taken after a certain date.

Time adjustment calculator

Time difference calculator to help determine correct date / time adjustments. Enter two different dates to calculate the exact offset difference, or set these dates based off the date time an image was taken.

Available in multiple languages

English, German, French, Russian and Polish.

EXIF Date Changer v3.9

Last Updated: July, 2023

To install, just download and run the installer and then follow the prompts.  If you haven’t already purchased a license key you will still be able to run the standard lite version of  EXIF Date Changer for free before deciding to purchase the PRO version. For past versions of EXIF Date Changer, please click here







Our most valuable package!

Most valuable!

Free Buy Now (USD) Buy Now (USD)
Program Updates Access to new versions. Major Version Lifetime Updates
Standard Features Set image date/time, caption, file renaming etc.
Batch processing of JPEG Image Formats Ability to process multiple JPG images.
Batch processing of RAW Image Formats Ability to process multiple RAW images (CR2, NEF, TIFF, etc.)
Advanced Features Setting of copyright, credits, watermarking, image camera filtering etc.
Privacy Features Remove all EXIF metadata, camera make/model or GPS location information.
Purchases can be made from any currency but will be converted from USD. Click here for EUR pricing.

What some of our users have said

“I love this program, it has saved me so much time after dealing with my fathers photo collection of over 60 years worth. It is so simple and quick. Thank you so much.”

Tracey McCormick

“We had a holiday tour with friends and 3 cameras. Some weeks later at home, when we want to bring all the pictures together for making a slide show we see that all 3 cameras had different dates and times. Only one camera had the correct date and time. With EXIF Date Changer we solved our problem easy, quick and correct. Without your program we had to handle single every photo of more than 1000 photos. Once again, we all thank you very much.”

Reinhard – Germany

“Your software tool is OUTSTANDING! I’ve used it for synchronizing 2 or more cameras from common events and it works perfectly. It’s great for renaming pictures to new file names as well. Thank you for making a very useful tool with so much flexibility and options.”

David Lum

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Platinum Edition

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