EXIF Date Changer v3.9

EXIF Date Changer v3.9

The latest version brings many new features and enhancements and is now available for download

Filter on images without date taken

Quickly process only your images which don’t currently have a date taken. This works well when assigning the date based on the file created date, or from a date within the file name to add any missing date taken information to your photos.

Additional keywords when renaming your images

You can now include camera specific attributes such as {Make} , {Model}, {ImageSize}, {Copyright}, {ISO} or {Title} into the output filename.

For example, by including a caption of ‘Bora Bora’ and setting the output file mask to the “%Y-%m-%d %H-%M-%S ({Make})- {Title}” would result in a filename much like:

2016-01-14 13-32-18 (Canon)- Bora Bora

Improved sort order when adding seconds to each image

The files are now sorted alpha-numerically by files in the main folder and then by files within each subsequent sub-folder. This results in a much improved and more consistent time line of your images.

Better handling of images with timezone offset information, allowing your photos to sort better when uploading to services such as Google Photos.

Handles additional date formats when setting date from your filenames, including both WhatsApp image and video file exports.

eg. IMG-20160214-WA0022.jpg or VID-20180409-WA0014.mp4

Supports additional raw formats including Canon CR3

Improved image watermarking. Added new %IMAGEDATE% keyword to include just the image date.

Improved handling of video files

Minor bug fixes and enhancements