EXIF Date Changer Updated

Version 2.52 of EXIF Date Changer is now available for download. This is a minor release with a few small updates: Ability to select multiple images instead of just a single image Now also sets the file date modified as well as date created

EXIF Date Changer v2.5 Released

The latest version of EXIF Date Changer is now available for download. Major new features: New translations: Polish, French Better support for images with no EXIF Data. Option to set EXIF data to file created date when date taken not available Option to add keywords / tags Option to add image credit information Option to remove all EXIF…
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EXIF Date Changer V2.2 Released

Version 2.2 is now available to everyone. Major new features: Ability to process single image or batch process entire folders German translation New filter: Only process images after a certain date Added history to filename mask (Saved when you save the options)

EXIF Date Changer V2.1 Released

The this version fixes several minor bugs and adds the ability to enter copyright text into image.

EXIF Date Changer V2.0 Released

The next major release is now available which now includes two versions. The standard version remains free and is aimed at the home users. Upgrading to the Pro version gives you more options and the ability to process more image types such as RAW. For more information on this please see the version comparison.

EXIF Date Changer v1.1 Released

Minor Update: You can now shift the date by number of days as well as hours, minutes and seconds.

EXIF Date Changer v1.0 Released

This is the first public release of EXIF Date Changer which allows you to batch modify the date / time attributes of your digital photos.