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Portfolio Manager 1.4 now officially released

The latest version of Portfolio Manager is now available for download. We’ve listened to what our users wanted and added in some nice new features which we’re sure you will find useful. Remember that if you’ve already registered your copy then you can upgrade for free by downloading the latest trial.

Brief overview of new features:

  • Added optional password protection on portfolios to stop prying eyes from viewing your portfolio.
  • Better handling of different regional settings so it now accepts formats such as 42,00 or 54.00.
  • Added ability to enter short trades and dividend reinvestments. Easily monitor your short trades and dividend reinvestments by selecting the required trade type when adding in the stock information.
  • Added manual/auto price update option for each stock. You can use the manual price update option when your stock exchange is not listed, or to provide what-if scenarios on your stocks.
  • Quick launch style dialog to choose portfolio
  • Ability to enter in fractional number of stocks. eg. 56.43 units. This allows portfolio manager to better handle dividend reinvestments and managed funds.
  • Ability to enter in the dividends as a total amounts as well as per share.
  • Optional trade and dividend notes. When purchasing or selling stocks you can easily enter in an optional note such as why you decided to purchase or sell the stock, if you followed your trading plan etc.
  • Trade Diary to store your trading notes. View, edit or add any information which you may have about your stock trading. Also displays any of your notes stored against your trades.
  • Ability to register stock splits / reverse splits.

Portfolio Manager v1.3 now available for download

This new version of our stock portfolio management software adds many useful features to the application.

  • New ‘Stock Name’ column for the trade lists – You can now display the company name to easily identify which stocks you are working with.
  • Ability to sort each column in the trade lists
  • New reporting engine:
    • Ability to report for any date range, and/or individual stock code.
    • 3 new reports types. Profit/Loss Statement, Dividends and Open Trades.
  • Multiple Accounts -Now you can add as many accounts as you like to your portfolio. Each of these accounts allows you to separate yor stock information into different categories while still keeping all the information within a single portfolio. Eg. trades from different brokers, long-term / short-term trades or even stocks from different markets / currencies.
  • Watch List – You can now monitor the price of potential stocks
  • Trade Rating – You can now assign a trade rating “Poor”, “Fair”, “Good” or “Excellent” to each of your trades and then display it as one of the columns in the trade lists.
  • Ability to set the font size in the trade lists – As requested by several users, we now offer the ablity to configure the text size of the trade lists. We have also done some work to improve the layout when using ‘large fonts’ within Windows.

Portfolio Manager v1.21 released

Minor update to fix a couple issues with when creating new Portfolios in 2008

Portfolio Manager v1.2 released

A new version of Portfolio Manager is now available adding accounts, new columns and better support for overseas markets.

New Features:

  • New columns
  • Added some basic stock ordering
  • Better support for overseas markets
  • Ability to select any date as the last day of the financial year. This allows full support for different financial years
  • AccountsYou can now track the money that you have available to trade with (cash account). The initial figure is generated from the stocks that you have bought and sold. For now this is just a single cash account. If there is not enough funds available on a stock purchase, the amount is automatically added to your total funds

Portfolio Manager v1.1 released

A new version of Portfolio Manager is available adding the following features:

  • Now works under Windows Vista
  • Total days change for your stocks
  • New columns
    • $ Day Change
    • % Day Change
    • Days Held
    • Average Price Per Share (includes expensive)
  • Ability to display/report on information per financial year or calendar year
  • Multiple trade types – Ordinary share, special issue or dividend reinvestment
  • Trading Plan – Can now include targets and disaster stops for each transaction
  • Auto update of stock prices every xx minutes (configurable), update now option
  • New portfolio selection dialog for opening and creating portfolios
  • Support for longer stock codes for overseas markets
  • Multiple List Styles
    • Standard – The standard list style lists each parcel of shares
    • Each transaction in the list is grouped together by the stock code. Multiple parcels of the same stock are consolidated into a single entryMultiple List Styles

Portfolio Manager v1.0 released

The first public release of Portfolio Manager, a stock trading diary is now availble for download and purchase.  Portfolio Manager is mainly aimed at the Australian share market but works for markets all over the world.