What some of our users have said:

Have just purchased Portfolio Manager and am much impressed. Thank you for such a great product at such a low price -Warren – Australia

This is exactly what I was looking for to serve as a Trading Journal as well as a system for verifying my financial recordskeeping. Kudos! -Bill – US

Having spent considerable time reviewing other portfolio management software, I’ve found yours far superior in terms of functionality, appearance, user friendliness, and overall value. Thanks!. -Ron – Canada

I cannot believe how well your software caters for everything I require for my trading, and I’ve tested many over the years – most of them offering so much unnecessary detail and missing the important stuff. -Peter Miller – Australia

I have used Portfolio Manager for weeks now and have thoroughly checked out all aspects including franking and tax reports. Every detail is correct and this product leaves many higher priced comparable software offerings in its wake. It is the simplest, most user friendly portfolio product I have ever used plus the backup support is excellent. And the ability to use automatic stock exchange updates or manual updates allows one to incorporate shares and managed funds within the one system – this is truly an excellent product. -Bernie – Australia

Clearly, Portfolio Manager has become one the best value and most useful Share Portfolio Management programs on the market today. And the good news is, it just keeps on getting better.  -Stephen – Australia

I can definitely see a reduction in my tax time work because of this product. Thanks for building it!  -Cory – Canada

Thanks for your fantastic software. I have tried almost all software in portfolio management and found this one extremely useful.
-Prasanth C – India

Thanks very much. I love portfolio manager. I must have looked at dozens of applications readily available (free/shareware/trial) and none of them had the great features (and simplicity!) of PM.
-D Woolridge – Canada

Great product. Exactly what I have been hunting for for months!
-K Anderson – Australia

I have been using Portfolio Manager now for a few weeks and already, it has provided me with a clearer picture of where my shares sit on a day to day basis and as well as the profit/loss (all profits might I add) statements for each Financial Year. The Tax Sheet is just printed out and delivered to my Accountant; too easy.
–M Buckley – Australia

I like Portfolio Manager as it reflects it’s name – manages my stock portfolio. It makes it easy to handle numerous stocks with just a glance and provides me with all your data needed to help decide whether to sell with a good profit or otherwise.
-Abd Aziz – Malaysia

You have a great simple portfolio manager – something that doesn’t seem to be around much.
-Philip Vitelli – US

I have also recommended your software to my father who is a retired accountant – he loves your software and the ease of use.
-P Stephenson – Australia

You are one awesome ‘support’ guy! I want to thank you again for your efforts, your phenomenal support and kindness! – Sunny – US

I’m really enjoying using “Portfolio Manager”. It helps me keep up with all my info in one place and the P&L statement report is very useful and is something I did not have. – Ken – US