The main screen offers all the information which is required to manage and track your stock portfolio. It is divided up into separate parts. On the left is the portfolio overview stats which give you a clear indication of how your entire portfolio is performing. The main section shows your open trades, historical trades and the watch list. Each list is configurable to show you the information which you require.

Portfolio Manager - Overview

The Trades Lists display information on both open and historical trades per financial year. When collapsed, the trade information displays a consolidated view, containing all the trades for that particular stock. Expanding this item by clicking on the [+] icon will show both the consolidated item as well as each individual transaction that has been entered for that stock.

Portfolio Manager - Open Trades

The open trades list displays all your stocks that you currently hold.

Portfolio Manager - History Trades

The history trades list shows you all your stocks that you have sold during the selected financial year. The stocks that you currently hold are also displayed here (in green) showing you that you held these stocks during that time frame, along with any associated dividends and expenses.

Portfolio Manager - Watch List

The watch list holds a list of stocks that you are monitoring

Entering a trade (buy)

Entering a trade.

Exiting a trade (sell)

The sell stock dialog also allows you to select the number of units from each purchased parcel. It will automatically pick the oldest parcel first by default but this can be overridden.

Entering dividends

Entering dividend information.

Report Generator (profit/loss statement)

Quickly and easily print reports on your dividends, open trades, profit/loss over any period of time for individual stocks, or all stocks held during the selected period.