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Updating stock prices no longer working

Portfolio Manager has been using Yahoo Finance to retrieve free delayed stock prices updates for your portfolio.  Unfortunately after many years of offering this free service, Yahoo has decided to shutdown this service without any warning.  I am looking into if there are any other free alternatives or if Yahoo are going to offer a paid service.  For now though Portfolio Manager will be unable to update the stock prices for your portfolio.

To manually update the stock prices, right click on the stock code and select ‘Update Details’.  You can then enter the current price of the stock.


Portfolio Manager v2 Released

A latest version of Portfolio Manager is now available with the following changes:

  • Basic charting.  Using the chart generator you can quickly create charts for a specific account and date range and stocks.Includes the following chart types:
    • Profit/Loss: Creates a chart based on your trades and dividends over time.

      Profit / Loss Chart

      Profit / Loss Chart

    • Portfolio Value: Creates a chart based on your portfolio value over time

      Portfolio Value

      Portfolio Value

  • Now supports Windows 8
  • Improvements to import with option to select the date format
  • Improvements to the ACB conversion process
  • Fixed issue with stock quotes on US stock exchanges
  • Fixed crash on change of stock code
  • Fixed bug with adding required funds when moving stocks between accounts
  • Fixed issue with setting a custom font not working
  • Many other minor bug fixes and minor changes

Please note that if you currently have a V1 license you will need to upgrade your license.

Stock prices not automatically updating

Portfolio Manager uses Yahoo Finance for its stock quote updates.  Every so often they have an issue however this generally only lasts a day or two.  Another common reason is anti virus or firewall software blocking the internet connection from the program.  Please check that this isn’t the case.

If that still doesn’t help please do the following:

  1. Open Portfolio Manager
  2. Click on Tools | Options.
  3. At the bottom is an option to set the quote source.  Update this to USA or YQL.

Portfolio Manager v1.97 Released

A new version of Portfolio Manager is now available. This update improves the QIF/CSV import and fixes an issue causing it to not work on some systems.

Again, this is a free update for all registered users and can be downloaded from our download page.

Portfolio Manager v1.94 Released

A new version of Portfolio Manager is now available. This update resolves several minor issues discovered in v1.9.  Again, this is a free update for all registered users and can be downloaded from our download page.

Portfolio Manager v1.9 Released

A new version of Portfolio Manager is available with the following new features:

  • More precision in reports (upto 4 dec places)
  • Print direct from trade lists
  • Import from CSV, QIF
  • Export to QIF
  • New columns: Risk/Reward ratio, Total amount risked
  • New watch list columns: 52 week low/high
  • Option to consolidate transactions within reports
  • Option to include stock name within reports
  • Ability to search for stocks by name
  • Ability to show/hide open trades within the history list to display dividend amounts

Again, this is a free update for all registered users and can be downloaded from our download page.

New review of Portfolio Manager

The editors over at have posted a review and tagged Portfolio Manager as being the most promising in its class.

Minor update (v1.81)

This release only adds one new feature however fixes a few minor bugs discovered within the last release.

What’s New:

  • Percentage total return  per account

Christmas Special – 33% Off Portfolio Manager

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Portfolio Manager 1.8 Officially Released

The latest update contains many minor changes as requested by users.

Brief overview of new features:

  • Now supports Windows 64-bit editions
  • Full Windows 7 support
  • General ledger report
  • Added optional warnings when entering a new transaction requires additional funds
  • Improved trading diary
  • Option to auto include dividend amounts in the cash accounts
  • Better support for option price updates
  • Many minor changes and bug fixes

This is a free update for all registered users.

Please note that this version uses a new database format.  Your portfolio will be automatically upgraded the first time you load it.  This should only take a few minutes depending on the number of trades you have entered.