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Stock prices not automatically updating

Portfolio Manager uses Yahoo Finance for its stock quote updates.  Every so often they have an issue however this generally only lasts a day or two.  Another common reason is anti virus or firewall software blocking the internet connection from the program.  Please check that this isn’t the case.

If that still doesn’t help please do the following:

  1. Open Portfolio Manager
  2. Click on Tools | Options.
  3. At the bottom is an option to set the quote source.  Update this to USA or YQL.

Can I set a default brokerage amount?

The default brokerage amounts are based off the selected account. You can change the default value by clicking on Tools | Account Setup and then selecting the required account from the list and clicking Edit. Here you will find the defaults for that account.


When I try load my portfolio I get the error “The Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 is not registered on your local machine.”

64-bit versions of Windows do not include the required database drivers to run Portfolio Manager in 64bit mode. From v1.8 of Portfolio Manager the database format has changed to solve this issue. When first loading your portfolio in v1.8, your database will be automatically upgraded to work on all versions of windows. Unfortunately this upgrade will not work on 64bit windows as it cannot load the previous database.

If your currently running an older version of Portfolio Manager and wish to run it on a new PC with 64bit Windows then you will need to upgrade Portfolio Manager to v1.8 on your old PC and load your portfolio before transferring it to your new computer. This only has to be done once. If you do not have the old PC please contact support to get your portfolio upgraded.


How do I handle a company merger

Company mergers can be handled within Portfolio Manager in a couple different ways. This depends on the tax ruling for that merger as each differs slightly. For this reason a generic approach has been taken, allowing you to change any steps along the way if required. You will most likely need to speak to your accountant to determine the correct method of accounting for the merger.

If CGT scrip for scrip rollover relief is not available then you essentially sell the stock as normal on the date and amount specified by the merger and then add a new stock in for the new company.  If it is available then follow the company merger company merger steps provided in the help file.


What is CAGR

The CAGR is the compound annual growth rate. It is the year on year growth rate of your investment for the displayed year. This gives you the ability to compare your trades against each other, even if you held the stocks for different time frames. Please see the Investopedia website for more information on CAGR.


What’s the difference between a Portfolio and an account?

Each account you add is like a mini portfolio. A portfolio holds each of these accounts with the idea that you use a single portfolio for yourself and if you need to separate any of your stocks you can use a different accounts.

Accounts can be used for several different things. The main one being to separate your long term and short term trading but you could also use it if you run different brokerage accounts, margin loans or have stocks under another name. They can also be used to group stocks of the same currency together when trading on multiple markets.


I am unable to enter in stocks with extended symbols such as FDG.UN for Fording Canadian Coal Trust and BRK.A for Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

These stocks are entered in slightly differently. What you need to do for stocks like this is select your stock exchange and then enter in FDG-UN for Fording Canadian Coal Trust and BRK-A for Berkshire Hathaway Inc as the stock code. This will correctly select the stock which you require


How do I make the text larger in the trade lists?

To increase the font size click on Tools | Options. Click on the ‘Set Font’ button. Here you can change the font and size of the text used in each of the trade lists.


Why do my open trades show up in the history trade list?

We show your open trades in the history list to show that you held those stocks during that time, along with any associated dividends or expenses. This gives you a better indication of your profit/loss for the specified financial year.


How do I copy my portfolio to a new PC

After installing Portfolio Manager onto the new PC, copy the ‘Portfolio Manager’ folder from your ‘My Documents’ folder on the old PC to the ‘My Documents’ folder on your new PC.