Report: Profit/Loss Statement

The reporting engine allows for a number of different reports to be created. Currently we offer 4 main report types. The Tax Report, Profit/Loss Statement, Dividends and Open Trades. Each of these differ slightly with what what information is displayed. Each of these reports has the ability to report on all of your stocks, or a single specific stock. You can also set the date range of the reported data. For example a Tax Report you would want to report on Last Financial Year, but a Profit/Loss Statement you may want to see what your profit/loss was for last month.

Any of these reports can be saved to PDF or even Excel for further analysis.

Tax Report The Tax Report is specifically designed to include the required information for your accountant, removing the need to bring out all the paper records. It includes every stock that you have sold during the financial year so that you can calculate your capital gains / losses, as well as any dividends that you have received.
Profit/Loss Report The Profit Loss Statement shows you pretty much the same as the history trade list with the added functionality to select a specific date range and/or stock. This gives you the ability to find out exactly how much you’ve made over the specified time. By also filtering the report to only a certain stock you can see this same data, but for an individual stock or account.
Dividends Report The Dividends Report will show you what dividends you have received.
Dividends report for TLS By filtering to an individual stock you can list all the dividends that you have received for that stock over the selected period of time. This report shows all dividends received for the stock TLS.
Open Trades Report The Open Trades Report is very much like open trades list, giving you your unrealised profit/loss for your open trades.
Australian Tax Report The Australian Tax Report is very much like the standard Tax Report except that it’s customized to the Australian tax rules to include your capital gains tax information based on your trades.