The stock calculator is used to aid you in calculating your trade values.  By entering in the values which you know, it will automatically calculate which ever fields it can.  For example say you have $5000 to spend on a stock which costs $26.30 you can quickly and easily determine the quantity that you can purchase.  By entering in the total consideration, brokerage and the price it will automatically calculate the quantity and amount fields for you.

What if you then decided that you wanted to make 20% profit on your trade.  What would your sell price be to achieve this.  By using the stock calculator simply enter in 20% in the net % profit field and it will calculate the remaining values.

Stock Calculator

As you can see some values are black while others are blue.  The black values represent the fixed values which you have set. This means that they will not be calculated at all. The blue values are fields which have been automatically calculated and will be updated if you change any of the other fields.

To convert any calculated field to a fixed field simply select the field and then either hit space to use what’s already there or type in the new value. To change it back to a calculated field click the clear (cross) button on any of the fields.

The risk management section gives you some suggested stop loss values based on either your portfolio, or a fixed loss amount. For example if you don’t want to risk any more than $200 for the trade then enter in $200 in the Net Loss field and it will show you the stop loss price that you would need to use.